Saturday, May 30, 2009

Beth's Cafe, Seattle

For the 20th time since I moved to Seattle 7 years ago, I walked into Beth's on Saturday morning and put our names on the list for the expected and consistent 15-min wait. Just like clockwork, we were sat while simultaneously being poured coffee. We had come for the omelets, so we barely even looked at the rest of the menu. In fact, now that I recall, I am not sure I've EVER looked at the entire menu. Huh.

6-egg omelet please, and yes, we'll share, thank you very much (which, by the way, only saved our stomachs and not our wallets). Within 10 minutes, our hugific gut-bomb goodness arrived before us. Within another 20 minutes, we were happily walking out the door.

That's the thing about Beth's. The service is never overly-warm (it has a greasy-spoon reputation to uphold, after all), but it is so freaking fast you really can't complain. Once your mouth touches that greasy breakfast deliciousness (did I mention the all-you-can-eat hash browns!), all bets are off.

Veggie Omelet add jalapenos and green peppers : $14.50
1 hot tea: $ 1.50
1 semi-hot coffee: $ 1.50
1 orange juice: $ 1.50

Bottom Line
Get your grease on!

Another added benefit...Green Lake just across the street. Eat your breakfast and then walk it off!

~the secret snob

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