Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Naan & Curry, Renton

Sure, sure everyone loves Cedar's, but if you are a true snob and tired of the despotic host or the overcrowded bustle or of going somewhere hipster, head to Renton.

Every time we drive to Renton (our old stomping grounds) to snatch up the latest deals from Fry's, the mister and I must stop at our favorite Indian food restaurant, Naan-N-Curry. We have been to several Indian food restaurants in the Seattle area, but I swear this place puts crack into their curry because holy Brahma, we love the food here!

Though Naan-N-Curry is a chain restaurant (locations in San Francisco and other CA cities), the ambiance is so very comfortable and warm, but not so much due to the setting as to the people. It is owned and operated by a charming and friendly father/son duo. We let the father choose our entree for us the first time we went there and because of this, he always recognizes us. In fact, last year when it wasn't too busy, he gave us a fascinating tandoori demonstration.

It is always very hard to do so, but I suggest sharing. Order one item for two people (with plenty of Naan and basmati rice of course) or two for four. This will also help out with the bill, because this place can add up. It's usually a $50 date for two people if you both drink and have your own entree. We have tried almost everything on the menu, and still are constantly surprised and delighted at what we order. And please, American, please, branch out from ordering Chicken Tikka Masala (aka "butter chicken") and try the Haleem or the Handi or the my favorite, the Gobi or Bhindi Gosht.

Bottom Line

Best Indian Food the gods ever tasted.

the secret snob

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