Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Broadway Grill, Capitol Hill

Funny thing about The Broadway Grill. When I didn't live on Capitol Hill, I would have no problem showing my face here. I went two or three times and didn't think anything of the overpriced booze and poor service. I would say that I EVEN enjoyed it.

Upon the mister and I relocating to Capitol Hill 1.5 years ago, we have not been back. It was a subconscious omission, however. We only slightly noticed that their music is borderline annoying or that the touristy/hipster clientele is trying too hard. We were just distracted by all the other choices available to our walking feet.

My friend came into town last week. We wanted to have lunch with outdoor dining, and so we just made an excuse to try this place again (I had secretly wanted some confirmation to my elitist avoidance of this silly place). We made the mistake of going to an already lame restaurant during lunch traffic.

We sat at our table for 10 minutes before greeted.

Upon greeting, the totally ditsy boy-stud who waited on us greeted us with "What do you want."

I told him a bottle of rose, and he blankly agreed.

The bottle arrived 9 minutes later.

Upon arrival, he asked me if I wanted to taste it.

Of course.

He then poured me a bit AND my friend a bit.

The rose was completely disgustingly sweet.

This was the only bottle on the menu.

This bottle cost $32.

The server left.

Without taking our order.

We sat for 6 minutes.

He came back.

He didn't write anything down.

He forgot our appetizer.

Our food came 35 minutes later.

I asked him where our appetizer was.

He smiled with vacant eyes..."Oh. Did you order one?"



No offer for recompense.

No check back.

He had 4 tables.

We may as well have eaten at Applebee's.

Truly, the only thing remarkable about this place was my visiting friend and her witty conversation.

Bottom Line

I love my friend. I'll prove it by never taking her to The Broadway Grill again.

the secret snob

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  1. Here is when it is good and acceptable to visit the Broadway Grill: 3:30pm on a random Tuesday afternoon when there are 6 other restaurant patrons and 3 terribly bored (but somewhat attentive) servers. You order the $4.00 CARAFE of non-sweet, 90% alchohol tea and the HH chop salad. You then talk bad fashion and hot nightclubs with the cute gay boys and get tipsy for absolutely no reason at all. Except that it's Tuesday. And apparently that's reason enough.


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