Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cafe Presse, Capitol Hill, Seattle

Cafe Presse

If I lived back on Capitol Hill, I doubt I would go anywhere else for weekend breakfast than Cafe Presse.  Unfortunately for me, many other diners feel this way.  Cafe Presse does really well handling this crowd, however.  I never have waited longer than 15 minutes and since it's prime people watching (though somewhat lacking in variety - it IS Capitol Hill after all - standard uniform of arm sleeves, skinny jeans, TOMS, and greasy-chic hair), it's never felt like too tedious a wait.  Not to mention their AWESOME magazine rack in the front really helps you swallow the wait time.

I have never been for anything other than breakfast, but I've always loved what I ordered.  I typically stick with the eggs broiled with ham and Gruy√®re, but have occasionally ordered the croque madame.  Joel recently tried some interesting trout dish  that was a bit off-putting at first, but what ended up being delicious after a few bites).  

Bloody Mary - num.
Coffee - num.
Baguette and jams - num.

It's perfect food snobbery at its non-pretentious finest.

Bottom Line
Eat here every day, for every meal, si possible.

The Secret Snob

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  1. I just went here for the first time last week for dinner. Their steak tartare is quite appetizing.


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