Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Brave Horse Tavern, SLU, Seattle

Jer, Joel, Ben outside Brave Horse Tavern

The Brave Horse Tavern, aka Tom Douglas's culinary delights meets tasty brew and wine on cask, is nestled all hipster-like in the "up-and-oops-I-already-came" South Lake Union (SLU).  Though the area is not easy to get to, the parking is atrocious, and is a soulless ghost town after 9pm (Bellevue, anyone?), somehow people are still flocking to SLU for various restaurants and coffee shops.  Hell, even I go there occasionally- and I consider myself impervious to trends.

Because I am delusional.
It's my right, as a snob.

Why my husband gathered a group of 12 people to try out The Brave Horse on Cinco de Mayo is beyond me, but despite the tedious crowds - we had a great time.  

Joel playing shuffleboard

I liked the European-style seating - it seems to force interaction, which is truly what a tavern is all about.  The shuffleboard tables were an unexpected bonus (and a clever marketing idea to keep people around and drinking).  Though the outing was just to drink and nibble, the food we did have was very good.  My husband had a homemade pretzel with a variety of spreads: white cheddar and pimento spread, sour cream and crispy onion spread, and smoked peanut butter and bacon spread - all delicious!  I may have indulged in a root beer float (I'm a sucker for white-trash foods - my snob alter-ego sticks her nose up at this, so don't tell her I told you), which was very good as well.   The cocktails were decent, the home brew (Brave Horse Pale Ale) was good, and the building is pretty amazing.

Honestly, the crowd was just a bit too downtown for my taste.  Everyone kept looking around for something to start happening and although I dislike bars that are too cool, this place simply felt not happening enough.  Even with droves of people, it felt dead somehow.  If I could see past the sea of untucked dress-shirts and loosed ties, I might feel more at home.  Otherwise, I will probably leave the downtowners to their "hipster" pub.  I guess even boring people need a place to unwind.

Also, I am kind of over Tom Douglas.  
Sorry, Tom.

Bottom Line
Glad to have been, but this snob certainly won't go out of her way to return.

Eat, drink, and be merry snobs,

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