Monday, August 1, 2011

Showa - A Japanese 80s Bar

This summer has been relatively quiet for the hubby and I cuisine-wise.  Think ye not that we've been cooking at home, no no.  We are still spending a lot of our income at restaurants, it just seems we've been gravitating towards our familiar haunts.  Walking to local pubs, revisiting a certain famous sandwich shop, and landing at local happy hours.

Though this pattern has suited us well, it happened to be one of the worst times to stop trying new places since I just read in Seattle Met Magazine that Capitol Hill ALONE has opened over 20 new restaurants/bars this summer.  My list is growing ever-longer.  Today, I took matters into my control and scheduled us dates at a few places I've been itching to try, like here, here, and here.

Despite this reprieve, we did manage to try at least one new place that I can think of.  After work, I picked up the man in Fremont and we wandered to Showa, advertised as a Japanese 80s bar, located just above Chiso (which Joel argues as the best sushi he's had in Seattle).  We tilted our heads in curiosity and exclaimed with delight.  

We opened the place and from beginning to end, were delighted by our server, Jessica.  We were obviously engaged in some heated conversation, and she was very sensitive to our situation...not totally ignoring us, but also giving us ample space to enjoy our date.  Not only was she genuinely cool, but she took a lot of time to explain the restaurant's concept and simple but authentic menu.  The 80s were a booming time in Japan, and the owners of Chiso wanted to recreate a Japanese pub with a nod to that totally awesome time in their lives.  The music was spot on (the kind where you totally know the song, but have no idea who or what or wherefore it came - a tell-tale 80s giveaway), the food was fresh and delicious, and the cocktails were thoughtful and well-made.

(photo courtesy of

The location of this place is idyllic.  It's second-floor, open-air ambiance was conducive to conversation, people watching, and watching the maple trees move on the breeze.

On my way out, I noticed a sizeable lounge area which would be a perfect place to host a small mingling event.

Thank you, the 80s!

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